FOOD: Graveyard cake

Yesterday I finally made the cake from Voltaire's 'Paint it Black'. It's basically a chocolate sponge cake with vanilla icing, jam and biscuits/tomb stones. I can't find any pictures of the original recipe, so I'll just show you what my cake looks like.

The original plan was to make the vanilla frosting red. Unfortunately, my frosting didn't want to be red. I used two entire vials of red colour, but all the icing did was get really, really pink. The last thing I wanted was a pink graveyard cake, so I added a vial of blue to make it purple. It actually worked, even though it still looks pinkish on the pictures...

I had lots of fun making the graves. Not only because I got to bury E.A. Poe and Bela Lugosi in my chocolate cake, but also because it involved breaking off parts of the biscuits and eating them. Teehee.

Bela Lugosi's dead, undead, undead... Oh come on, didn't you see that one coming?

Worms, yummy!

My next experiment will probably involve geekiness and cupcakes, I can't wait.