FOOD: Graveyard cake

September 03, 2011Saskia C.

Yesterday I finally made the cake from Voltaire's 'Paint it Black'. It's basically a chocolate sponge cake with vanilla icing, jam and biscuits/tomb stones. I can't find any pictures of the original recipe, so I'll just show you what my cake looks like.

The original plan was to make the vanilla frosting red. Unfortunately, my frosting didn't want to be red. I used two entire vials of red colour, but all the icing did was get really, really pink. The last thing I wanted was a pink graveyard cake, so I added a vial of blue to make it purple. It actually worked, even though it still looks pinkish on the pictures...

I had lots of fun making the graves. Not only because I got to bury E.A. Poe and Bela Lugosi in my chocolate cake, but also because it involved breaking off parts of the biscuits and eating them. Teehee.

Bela Lugosi's dead, undead, undead... Oh come on, didn't you see that one coming?

Worms, yummy!

My next experiment will probably involve geekiness and cupcakes, I can't wait.

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  1. looks yummie! wanna taste it ghi ^_^

  2. *hosts a virtual teaparty and shares cake* ^^

  3. Do you remember mine for 1 year FFTG? My frosting was purple and I used purple custard for the filling, I don't like jam that much in a cake. And I also didn't add worms.

    Looks great and I do like the pink! Getting red frosting is difficult.

  4. I do remember it! I've wanted to make it ever since you made yours, it was so tasty!

  5. This is a really good idea!

    I'm not overly fond of cake, but this seems like something worth executing. Maybe in a cupcake form?

    Mmmm. Biscuits .. and do I see waffers? :-D

  6. Thank you! I think it's an excellent Halloween treat, but then again, isn't every day Halloween to us?
    And yes indeed, those are waffers!

  7. Echt iets voor jou! Smakelijk.

  8. That looks so much fun! Yummm ^^

  9. That is such a nice cake!

    The Bela Lugosi tombstone really was the best :D

    (Ps: I can't comment with my account atm, so I'm using the Name/Url one)

  10. I made my boyfriend a Nightmare Before Christmas birthday cake like this! Here's the link:



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