MAKE-UP: Joe Black

I'm so sorry for posting so little, but I'm literally studying all day and when I'm not, I'm out running. That's right, running. I decided I had to do something about my stamina, as I haven't been able to go to karate for the past couple of months (thank you, exams) and I'm really getting lazy. Other than that, I've recently decided to (try and) lose weight and running definitely helps for that purpose, too.

Anyway, what I really wanted to blog about! I've been listening to way too much Joe Black lately, since my cd (Sex, Drugs and Vaudeville) has arrived. He's hilarious, talented and incredibly inspirational. Someone posted the entire concert in London on Youtube, so here are a couple of songs from there.

So, tonight I suddenly got the urge to try one of his fabulous make-up looks, the one he wore that day. Since you can't see it in the videos, here's a picture:

Caption on Facebook: "Forgot to take makeup off!! Hello Waterloo station :)"

Unfortunately, my pictures aren't very good; the good camera is broken (it's being fixed, though) and this one doesn't show how bright the eyeshadow and blush really were. Anyway, you get the idea. All in all, I'm pretty pleased, especially when considering I did this in less than thirty minutes. The eyebrows looked horrible, though. Luckily my fringe covers them in the pictures.
I'd never done make-up this dramatic before, but I had a lot of fun!

Excuse the silly face; this is a side effect of listening to Joe Black.
I used:
- Porcelain foundation by Gosh
- White powder by Claire's
- Pink blush from brandless make-up box
- Aqua eyeshadow by Gosh, light and dark blue glitter eyeshadow by 2true, black eyeshadow by Manhattan
- Liquid black eyeliner by 2true, black eye pencil by Essence, smokey eyes pencil by Essence
- Black mascara by Maybelline
- Pink lipgloss by 2true

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