PERSONAL: Saskia's Natural Habitat

If you're interested to know where I spend most of my time these days, here's a detailed explanation of my natural environment. Welcome! (Is it just me, or does this sound like MTV's 'Cribs'? *shudder*)

1. This is one of my books. Now don't get excited, it's a book about philosophy that I'm supposed to study. It's not interesting at all.
2. A bottle of water! I drink an insane amount of water during the exams, at least 1,5l a day.
3. My ever faithful arm chair. I always study there, except when I'm really tired and there's a chance of me falling asleep, then I sit at a table.
4. Pillows! Because my ever faithful arm chair might seem comfy, but actually it's really bad for my back.
5. My cell phone. My link to the outside world!
6. Ear plugs, for obvious reasons. My younger sister adores Disney Channel.
7. An empty cup of coffee. Aww.
8. A full cup of tea, yay!
9. A full POT of tea, double yay!
10. My blog notebook. I need this near me, just in case I get some epic blog ideas.
11. Philosophy notes. Blah.
12. A handkerchief. Either I have a permanent cold, or I'm allergic... To exams or something.
13. An orange marker.
14. My dog Luca, who wanted to keep me some company. Or he just likes lying there because the carpet is soft...
15. Oh no, several kinds of distraction!

So, this is where I've been for the past week, and where I will be for the next four weeks. Wish me luck!

Oops, there goes my tea all over my notes.

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