MAKE-UP: Park Avenue Mascara

A while ago, I got a coupon from a friend for free mascara from the 'Di', which is a beauty and care shop. New mascara is always welcome for me, especially since good ones are always so expensive. That's why I usually stick to brands like Essence and 2be. The mascara I got was one by Park Avenue, you might have noticed me mentioning it in some of my make-up posts.

To start with, I personally quite like the brush, which helps to avoid getting spiderlashes. However, the mascara did end up smudging and leaving stains very easily. It doesn't dry very fast and that definitely annoys me. I really hate mascaras that leave stains on my eyeshadow, I don't have time or interest to redo my eye make-up after I've applied my mascara. It's also not waterproof, at all. After I'd taken a shower, my face was full of black stains. The rest of my make-up hadn't been washed off, luckily (Yay for Gosh!).
Other than that, it does increase the length of your lashes a bit, but not too much. I don't really see any change in volume.

In short, I'm not a big fan of this mascara. Leaving stains and smudging is a big problem in my eyes (pun not intended). I will use it, though, but that's mainly because I don't want to waste any money on a new one if I've still got this one. The next one I'll buy will probably be one by Essence again, since their mascaras are cheap and definitely very good for how little they cost. (The Park Avenue mascara normally costs about €5 and doesn't work as well as those by Essence, which only cost about €2-3)

Sorry for the bad pictures, by the way. Once again, I don't have the decent camera right now.

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