MAKE-UP: I'm on Fire

May 09, 2011Saskia C.

"For what it's worth, come on lay with me
'Cause I'm on fire
For what it's worth, I tear the sun in three
To light up your eyes"
- For What It's Worth (Placebo)

Today I did something totally different with my make-up. I'd recently bought a few palettes from Gosh, and they had yellow and orange in them, which colours that I don't usually use, so I decided to give them a try.

I kind of like it... It's not something I'd really wear on a regular day, but each of the colours I used looked amazing, as well combined as on their own.

I used yellow, orange and red eyeshadow by Gosh, black eyeliner by 2true, black eye pencil by Essence and black mascara by Park Avenue.

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  1. It looks so good!

    Damn why do I suck with make-up xD Wish I could do that

  2. Thank you! And it's really not that hard, just watch some tutorials on youtube and practise! ^^

  3. Whoa! You did a good job with the eyeliner. But I think the colours could be more vivid. Do you use a primer?

  4. Of course. The colours are pretty vivid, but the pictures are slighty too dark, unfortunately.



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